Socioeconomic Drivers of Healthcare

Socioeconomic Drivers of HealthcareQuestion -Part One: Delivery DriverWhat do you think are the main drivers for the delivery of Healthcare?(Part Two)Consider the content from this week. What surprised you? How do you feel you, as an individual, can influence the drivers of healthcare?Guidelines: What makes healthcare delivery work, what drives it? The factors that affect how healthcare is delivered. Cost does seem like one of the most major factors driving the delivery of healthcare, how about Obama care?Guidelines: In terms of format for journal part one please remember that it is to be written before you do any research so there can be no citations. This is supposed to reflect your beliefs before you do any reading and before you listen to the lectures. No references are needed for part one.The discussion Board thread and journal part two are to be written after you have read and listened to lectures. These both then have citations and a bib at the end of the thread and journal part two.Writers are asked to reflect on what they know about a subject, identify why they think that way (assumptions and biases) and then, before they begin to explore the learning content, assess what they think they know about the topic. In this course, these steps are recognized as Part One of the reflection process. Knowing what might be influencing your thinking will help prepare for Part Two of the reflection process, which we identify as evaluating your learning. As you go through and review the module content each week, test your assumptions. You may have a question or two in the assignment to help you to focus your reflection. Then, evaluate your learning. The questions in part two will not match the questions in part one. Even so, go back to Part One to consider your initial thoughts, and compare and contrast your assumptions and biases with the content. Were there changes in your assumptions? Perhaps the content provided some confirmations, further definitions, or delineations. Perhaps were there some surprises in what you learned? Provide rationales, or examples of learning, that support your evaluation.!

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