software for a company that monitors home alarm systems

software for a company that monitors home alarm systemsProblem Description: You?re developing the software for a company that monitors home alarm systems. There will be one sensor for each door or window in the home that detects when they are opened. If the home alarm system is activated, the home (sub)system must (1) turn on the alarm, and (2) send an alarm to the Alarm Monitor Company?s central monitoring location. The system at the central monitoring location, (1) records the event, and (2) notifies a human operator what?s happening. The human operator will call the home to attempt to verify that there is a break-in. If no one answers, or someone answer but doesn?t give the agreed to safe-word or gives the in-trouble word, then the operator will notify the police. All actions taken are recorded. Part 1 (5 points): Identify what pattern or patterns that you think would be good to use. 1. Identify 1 or more architectural patterns that you would use for the system, and give a brief explanation of what the pattern will be used for, and why you chose it. If more than one pattern, make a table listing the patterns, what they will be used for, and why you chose it. 2. Create 1 simple drawing showing the software components for each component (and possibly subcomponents) show a line between any 2 components that communicate (i.e. exchange information or requests). Part 2 (3 points): Describe the qualities that are important for the system. Make or table of the 3 quality attributes you think are most important for a monitoring system. For each quality attribute, describe the following. 1. Describe how it relates to the Home Monitoring System. 2. Describe what is the scale of measurement (e.g. seconds, MB) 3. Describe how you would determine the value for the attribute a. For the architecture b. For the implementation 4. Define the minimum and/or maximum acceptable value. 5. List the architectural components that are affected by/contribute to the quality. Quality Measurement Scale How to determine value Min & Max acceptable Values Affected/ Contributing Components For architecture For ImplementationPart 3 (2 points): Describe the architecture changes, if any, that would be need if any of the following requirement changes are made. 1. Smoke detectors are added to the home system; 2. Cameras are added to the home system; List any new, deleted, or modified components. For each added component describe it?s purpose. For each deleted component explain why it is no longer need. For each changed component, describe the changes and why.:

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