Solving Interpersonal Communication Problems

Solving Problems of Interpersonal Communication Problems Everything that we do with other people involves communication such that all our social interactions are communicative and they presume communication Interpersonal communication is characterized communication from one individual to communication which is face to face and both the form and content of communication reflect the personal characteristics of the individual as well as their social roles and relationships Interpersonal communication develops relationships of some sort among the communicating parties for instance when there is high degree of trust among where each person is prepared to openly discuss their feelings and where the participants have a mutual liking toward each other In this case the kind of relationship created is that of teacher to student Both the teacher and the student have the responsibility of seeking clarification whether they understand each other to minimize conflicts between Interpersonal communication is always a two way process meaning that two parties must be The parties pass messages to each other such that there is the sender and the recipient but this is not static since the sender also becomes the recipient to complete the communication process The geography teacher in this case acts as the source when

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