Spatial Intelligence and Academic Performance

THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING This chapter contains the background of the statement of the conceptual and significance of the Background of the Study Most of modern education ignores most capacity at expressive and creative and concentrates on language and both left There are students who have the ability to visualize with the eye but improve it due to modern Although Geometry is for the people who are I think that it is the right subject for Geometry is also for the people who think So I wanted to do this research for the students who have the ability to see things creatively to improve their Because of creative Filipinos improve their education lacks many subjects and that includes Art Art class is the only subject that they could excel Even though they could also excel in I still think that they should also learn why I decided to do this I know someone who is very creative but she really excel in logical She was always struggling when it comes to Chemistry She could only use her ability when we are in Geometry poster and other activities that include I really wanted to let her skills be I need

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