Speech: Advantages of listening to English songs Essay Help

Good morning everyone. I?m the chairperson of the English Club. Today I?m going to share a topic to all of you. But first let me ask you two questions. Are you bored with reading grammar and writing? Would you like to find a more fun and entertaining method to improve your English? I believe you all will have the same answer right? In fact listening to English songs is a useful and interesting way to learn English. It might be one of the best ways to retain or remember vocabulary and grammar that you hear in theSpeech: Advantages of listening to English songs lyrics. Also your pronunciation may get better. But do you know why? In the past students learned English mainly from textbooks often this was a boring frustrating experience that needed patience inner motivation and perseverance to ensure language learning continued. Recently more and more learners tend to listen to English songs as a means to improve their English. They feel learning English in this manner is more enjoyable and relaxing. They can learn English happily with the background music. In addition Songs expose students to a wide vocabulary related to a theme. Lyrics are not easily forgotten. You listen to them over and over again throughout your life. Once you learn them they are going to stay with you and you are going to review them over and over just because you ENJOY the music which are pleasant to listen. If you learn one song per week for a year which would take up very little time you will never forget those 52 songs full of new vocabulary and phrases. The variety of accents by the various singers also means that you improve your listening skills when you start paying attention to the lyrics. Once you learn a few songs you?ll start gathering an immense repertoire of songs and vocab. Just the fact that you start caring about the lyrics will activate your listening skills and listening to music in English will become an enjoyable learning exercise. Yet songs give you perfect pronunciation models. As you learn to sing them you are practicing your pronunciation you are imitating native speakers and you are learning how to speak better. The rhythm naturally leads to better pronunciation better intonation and more fluency. Last but not least listening to English songs would surely bring you a correct collocation. Collocation is the cultural context and placement of words. It is what sounds natural to native speakers. It usually doesn?t have much logic to it and it?s almost impossible to teach. It is something that?s acquired with time and contact with the language in authentic cultural contexts. Songs tell stories and these stories teach correct collocation which you hear over again and incorporate them into your own way of speaking. It is no wonder that English music is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It helps us learn and improve our English. If there are so many benefits to listening to English songs why not try start listening now? That?s all of my sharing. Thank you.”

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