Sport and Society

Sport and SocietyDiscussion Questions1. As Woods states, it is pretty rare to be able to predict the future with any accuracy; it is possible to make some educated guesses about what may happen. Now that you have been educated on several of the major social issues facing the develop ment of sport in our society, you are in a good position to make a few of these educated guesses.For this discussion question, identify five predictions for the future of sport. Woods provides a few of his predictions on page 366. For each prediction, c learly state what you think will happen in sport between now and 20 30 and then state what effect thisoccurrence will have on society if it does come to fruition. Be specifi c and use the readings from Chapter 20 and the entire semester as necessary to make your case.(65 word minimum per prediction + effect X 5 = 32 5 word minimum)2. Both Farrey and Woods challenge you (i.e., future sport managers) to not only enjoy the compelling and magical aspects of sport, but to also to understand the complex social arrangements in sport and work toward improving these arrangements. Further, as afew of our authors have contended, since sport is created by people, it can be changed by them as well.Each of will submit a paper related to the future of sport and what you see as the most critical issues challenging sports and how we could go about fixing them.For this question in our concluding unit, please describe a quick synopsis of your thoughts for reforming sport as an elevator speech. That is, write out what you believe to be a compelling argument for why and how to change American sports m ost critical challenges as if you were speaking to a group of engaged people on an elevator. An elevator speech should be no longer than 75- 90 seconds long?thus you will need to be succinct and compelling in communicating your convictions related to reforming and changing sport.(200 word minimum)3. The ?How to Fix College Sports? debate that was published on The Atlantic website in response to Branch ?s article in The Atlantic title d The Shame of College Sports. During this debate, several scholars and a nalysts were asked to respond to three specificquestions.Using responses from these authors, and the Benford (2007) reform article you read, respond to this question:What three things would you do to fix college sports as it exists today?Defend your three ideas similar to how the authors on the The Atlantic debate site did in their responses to a similar question.Be sure to use the arguments, evidence, and facts outlined by Benford?s excellent article on reform and the authors on the debate site in your responses. Each of your response s should be at least 1 25 words long.(375 word minimum)!

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