StatdiskPart A ? Look over the data given on page two. For the following three questions (a), (b), & (c) ? Use Statdisk to complete the following hypothesis tests. ? Copy the Statdisk screen that gives the test statistics and p-value and then paste into this Word document. ? State the following in symbolic form ? o Claim o H0 o H1 o Give your conclusion for H0 based on the p-value ? explain why you either rejected H0 or accepted H0. o Give your conclusion for the claim.a) Test the hypothesis that the proportion of patients in Dallas is the same as the proportion of patients in St. Louis whose doctors ordered treatments to prevent blood clots. Use a significance level of 0.05.b) Test the hypothesis that the proportion of patients in St. Louis is greater than the proportion of patients in Dallas of patients who received treatment to prevent blood clots within 24 hours before or after selected surgeries. Use a significance level of 0.05.c) Test the claim that the St. Louis hospitals provide a proportion of patients who received treatment to prevent blood clots within 24 hours before or after selected surgeries is greater than the US average proportion. Again, use a significance level of 0.05.MTH115 ? Statistics Final Project ? Part A Number of Surgery Patients Whose Doctors Ordered Treatments to Prevent Blood Clots (Venous Thromboembolism) For Certain Types of Surgeries Number of Surgery Patients Who Received Treatment To Prevent Blood Clots Within 24 Hours Before or After Selected Surgeries to Prevent Blood Clots Number of Patients Surveyed US Avg = 79% Missouri Avg = 80% Texas Avg = 74% US Avg=75% Missouri Avg = 76% Texas Avg = 69% DALLAS, TEXAS Baylor Univ Med Center 1177 1064 1252 Methodist Dallas Med Center 144 134 164 Parkland Health & Hosp System 406 373 410 Baylor Med Center at Frisco 157 156 173 Baylor Reg Med Center at Grapevine 252 252 307 Southwest Surgical Hospital 5 5 5 Baylor Reg Med Center at Plano 110 86 134 Irving Coppell Surgical Hospital 37 37 39 Trinity Medical Center 83 72 109ST. LOUIS DesPeres Hospital 100 98 122 Missouri Baptist Med Center 208 205 236 St. Anthonys Med Center 339 329 365 Forest Park Hospital 21 17 26 SSM St Marys Health Center 434 402 447 St Louis University Hospital 58 51 68 Barnes Jewish Hospital 203 196 248 SSM ST Joseph Hospital of Kirkwood 332 325 353 St Johns Mercy Med Center 354 339 369MTH115 ? StatisticsPart B ? The following data and information was taken from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics magazine, May/June 2008. Read through the following comment and answer the following questions.Data, Data, Data Imagine you are part of a team of oceanographers studying whales. During the last week, the team members have collected the following information based on observations around the world:Whale Data Arranged by observation times Type Length (feet) Weight (tons)Blue 25.1 102 Blue 25.7 114 Blue 14.9 59 Blue 25.6 116 Blue 26.1 119 Blue 26.0 116 Bowhead 14.5 54 Bowhead 14.1 51 Bowhead 14.2 53 Bowhead 14.3 55 Bowhead 13.9 51 Bowhead 14.8 56 Bowhead 15.0 60 Bowhead 14.1 58 Gray 13.8 27 Gray 13.5 21 Gray 13.7 28 Gray 13.7 31 Gray 13.1 29 Gray 14.1 32 Gray 14.0 34 Gray 13.0 23 Gray 13.4 24 Gray 12.9 14 Gray 13.7 251. Take the data and sort the length measurements for each of the three types of whales. List the sorted data below and then calculate the mean, median, mode and standard deviation for each of the types of whales.Blue Bowhead GrayMean = Mean = Mean = Median = Median = Median = Mode = Mode = Mode = St Dev = St Dev = St Dev =2. Explain how you calculate the median; especially explain what you do when there is an odd set of data verses an even set of data.3. Are there any outliers for the data you listed above? Explain why or why not.4. Look the standard deviation for each of the three whale groups. a. Which group has the data more spread out from the mean? Explain why you know this?b. Which group has the data least spread out from the mean? Explain why you know this?5. Complete the table below. You may use Statdisk to find these values. Blue Bowhead Gray Min = Min = Min = Q1 = Q1 = Q1 = Median = Median = Median = Q3 = Q3 = Q3 = Max = Max = Max =6. Create two box plots on the same scale for the lengths of Bowhead whales and the lengths of Gray whales. Draw this by hand but make sure you label which is which.7. Looking at the Box Plots you have drawn above, discuss what you notice about each of the two different whale types in terms of their lengths. What do you notice about the spread, possible outliers, clustering of values?8. Create a scatter plot of gray whale?s length compared to its weight. Describe any relationship you see between the two variables. Use Statdisk (put data in spreadsheet and then select Data and then Scatterplot), then copy (snipping tool) and then paste into Word and then describe any relationship you see between the two variables.9. Use Statdisk to test whether or not there is linear correlation between the lengths and weights of the gray whales. Give the correlation coefficient and p-value and explain why there is (or is not) linear correlation between lengths and weights.10. State the regression line ? use Statdisk. What is the meaning of the line?s slope?11. If you estimate a gray whale?s length at 13.6 feet, what would you estimate its weight to be?12. Determine a 95% confidence interval for the mean length of gray whales. Use Statdisk. What does this confidence interval tell you?13. Explain, in your own words, how you may use statistics in your own profession or in your major.Bonus: In class I mentioned how my son was tested for Marfan Syndrome and the geneticists stated that his measurements were within two standard deviations. What did this tell me about my son?s health.:

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