stereotype in a story

Choose a recent newspaper story from a printed source, not an online source.Your choice will be determined by the presence of a particular stereotype in the story. You will then need toidentify the stereotype, explain why it works as a stereotype, and then analyse how this particular stereotype isconstructed in the story ? how is it set up and deployed, what are itsconstitutive features, how is it put into operation in the narrative, and so on? You should analyse the news storyin its combination of different elements, such as headline, lead paragraphs, accompanying images and so on. Youwill find a step-by-step guide to this in David Deacon, Michael Pickering, Peter Golding and Graham Murdock,Researching Communications: A Practical Guide to Media and Cultural Analysis, London and New York: Hodder Arnold,2007, pp. 170-86. As well as taking you through the stages of news text analysis, the book provides you with anexample of how these stages are operationalised by taking a news story from the late 1950s involving anassassination attempt on the then President of Iraq, General Abdul Kassem. The story involved an instance ofOrientalist stereotyping and so is a good one to look at in relation to this assignment. You can choose a storyfrom whatever newspaper you like, tabloid or broadsheet.!

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