Stranger Than Fiction: from Comics to Film

Stranger Than From Comics to Film On May 3rd many comic book fans walked out of their local movie theater saying They actually got it right this The movie they just saw was a movie that was based upon a comic book that defied the seemingly It actually pleased fans of the comic book and became a box office smash at the same The movie managed to keep the look and feel of the characters and the environment of the comic books all the while not getting twisted in the Hollywood if this one went what exactly went wrong with all those other comic book based Why is it so difficult for the Hollywood to get it It for the fans at that for every good there are five terrible films waiting in the The problem is that Hollywood sees comic book properties as easy Throw a actor of the week in a costume and just like that they think that they have a summer blockbuster on their Comic books are not nearly as vapid as Hollywood would like to have you In actuality comic book plots are all about the the and the trials and tribulations they face on

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