Strategic Architecture Case Assignment

Strategic Architecture Case AssignmentPaper detailsThis paper is not really a research paper. It is a business report case. We finished a first assignment and this assignment is relate to the first one. The professor wants us to find a few problems from the first case and write a report. All detail he wants are in the attachment. Please check all the information go with my order, and uses the Blue Ocean Scorecard and also Strategy Dynamic essential sources to apply the best reason why we chose Apple is the worst company between the five companies in the first assignment. Our first assignment we just have 70/100 points for that. I really don?t like the way my group wrote, because it was not enough detail or comparing. The first assignment we used SEC EDGAR to find all the information of the five companies, then apply these information using the accounting formulas to compare and pick the worst company. Some of our group members chose the Apple for the worst one. We did not know for sure, but we already to pick Apple so the second assignment we have to find the best problem of Apple to prove that Apple was the worst one. We are collecting some of Apple problems on internet and check with the professor, and he told us have to find some data from research or some where that strongly prove our choices. He also told us the summary of the problem was a broad statement and will be hard for us to prove. So please find the strong statement for us when you write this paper. You can find on line some of his presentation to apply in this case too (Dr. Rich Hubbard BADM 495):

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