strategy: Health settings-Health promoting schools, in a high -income country

strategy: Health settings-Health promoting schools, in a high -income countryAfter going through required readings below , do a list of health initiavities with a list of pros and cons.these are the readings.? WHO Healthy Cities: health/urban-healthWHO (2009). Milestones in Health Promotion, Statements from Global Conferences. Geneva: World Health Organization.Gregg, J. & O?Hara, L. (2007). Values and principles evident in current health promotion practice. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 18(1), 7 ? 11.Dooris, M. (2004). Joining up settings for health: a valuable investment for strategic partnerships? Critical Public Health, 14 (1), 49?61.St. Leger, L., Kolbe, L., Lee, A., McCall, D. and Young, I. (2007). School health promotion: Achievements, challenges and priorities. In D. McQueen and C. Jones (Eds.), Global perspectives on health promotion effectiveness (pp. 107-124). New York: Springer Publishing.more resources as provided by Ann if necessaryPART B. (1500)Explain factors that influence vaccine coverage in the population, including equity and access, social/behavioural factors and public perceptions about vaccine safety and effectiveness;? Discuss (check for the help you need) the impact of public and health provider attitudes on program delivery and impact and consider within a range of settings; and? Suggest approaches to promoting uptake and building confidence in immunisation programs.RFERNCESImmunisation Myths and Realities: responding to arguments against immunisation 5th edition (2013).Leask J, Kinnersley P, Jackson C, Cheater F, Bedford H and Rowles G. Communicating with parents about vaccination: a framework for health professionals. BMC Pediatrics 2012, 12:154Lawrence GL, Hull BP, MacIntyre CR, McIntyre PB. Reasons for incomplete immunisation among Australian children. A national survey of parents. Australian Family Physician 2004; 33(7): 568-71.Gust DA, Darling N, Kennedy A, & Schwartz B. Parents with doubts about vaccines: which vaccines and reasons why. Pediatrics 2008; 122(4), 718-725.Wolfe RM and Sharp LK. Antivaccinationists past and present. BMJ. 2002; 325: 430-432Hollmeyer HG, Hayden F, Poland G and Buchholz U. Influenza vaccination of health care workers in hospitals ? A review of studies on attitudes and predictors. Vaccine. 2009; 27: 3935?3944Wiley KE, Massey PD, Cooper SC, Wood NJ, Ho J, Quinn HE and Leask J. Uptake of influenza vaccine by pregnant women: a cross-sectional survey. Medical Journal of Australia. 2013; 198(7): 373-5Bond L, Nolan T, Pattison P, Carlin J: Vaccine preventable diseases and immunisations: a qualitative study of mothers? perceptions of severity, susceptibility, benefits and barriers. Aust NZ J Pub Heal 1998, 22(4):441-446.Shefer A, Briss P, Rodewald L, Bernier R, Strikas R, Yusuf H, Ndiaye S, Wiliams S, Pappaioanou M, Hinman AR: Improving immunization coverage rates: an evidence-based review of the literature.Epidemiol Rev 1999, 21(1):96-142..Szilagyi PG, Schaffer S, Shone L, Barth R, Humiston SG, Sandler M, Rodewald LE: Reducing geographic, racial, and ethnic disparities in childhood immunization rates by using reminder/recall interventions in urban primary care practices. Pediatrics 2002, 110(5):e58..Caburnay CA, Kreuter MW, Donlin MJ: Disseminating effective health promotion programs from prevention research to community organizations. J Public Health Man 2001, 7(2):81-89..Australian Bureau of Statistics:Census of Population and Housing: Socio- Economic Indices for Areas (SEIFA), Australia. 2006.SAS Institute Inc: SAS? 9.3 System Options: Reference. 2nd edition. Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc; 2011.

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