sugar and Biofuel

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY-1 Company Description AND Products and Services-1 MARKET RESEARCH-3 BUSINESS STRATEGY-3 OPERATIONS-2 OTHERS (AS INDICATED BELOW) -1 Please include brief details of financial projections showing where you perceive the market to be, how you will access that market and the level of sales and profit you plan to generate over 5 year period. In addition, we will need to understand the number of jobs your venture will create, the skills that you will require to operate the company efficiently and a projection of the salary you would intend to pay for each of those roles. This is so we can calculate the benefit to the uk economy. YOU HAVE TO INDICATE THE AREA OF EACH UK STATE, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALE AND NI. WHERE IT CAN, WHY, HOW RAW MATERIAL ENTER, WHERE TO SELL, WHAT CURRENT DEMAND AND SO ON . MANY OTHERS

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