Summaries of Julius Caesar Act I This first

Summaries of Julius Caesar Act I This first Act contains only three scenes, but each are important for many reasons. It begins with two tribunes, Flavius and Murellus, who scold commoners who parade down the street to celebrate Caesar’s victory over Pompey. The two tribunes shame the commoners for celebrating the death of one of Rome’s former leaders, and they depart solemnly. On February 15th the festival of Lupecalia is celebrated, and Caesar arrives in the city along with Antony and Brutus. A soothesayer approaches Caesar and tells him to, “Beware the ides of March”. Brutus and Cassius remain and converse with one and other. Cassius complains that Caesar has become so powerful that even though he once saved Caesar’s life, he must now bow before him. Meanwhile Caesar remarks to Antony that Cassius thinks too much, and that such men are dangerous. Later on, Antony offers Caesar the crown three times, and three times Caesar turns it down. The people worshiped Caesar even more for turning away from the crown. There are many details in Act I that to what will happen in the near future. Act II In this Act, with the help of Brutus, the conspirators come together to seriously form a plan to kill Caesar. It begins with Brutus in his garden who has made up his mind that Caesar must be killed because Caesar is abusing his power and is ascending too far too quickly. The conspirators come to Brutus’s house to discuss their plan. After they leave, Brutus’s wife Portia begs him to tell her why he’s been so upset recently by stabbing herself in the leg. Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had a dream where Caesar is murdered, and she convinces him not to go to the Senate that morning. However, Decius arrives at that moment and claims that Caesar would be mocked if he didn’t show up. Decius also sarcastically asks if the Senate should be dissolved until Calpurnia has a more favorable dream. Caesar decides to go the Senate and is escorted by the rest of…

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