Summer HillPrompt: Research on

Summer HillPrompt: Research one alternative school (grade school or high school). Discuss (check for the help you need) how it is successful and/or why it is not successful. (Use statistics and your view to support your position. Be careful! Simply taking a position for or against it does not mean you have convinced the reader sufficiently. Do your research, and make a compelling case to support your position.Quality: Obviously, you will be graded on how serious you take this assignment. Choose carefully. Your essay should contain a compelling, college-level thesis and several well-developed and college-level paragraphs that support a thesis and reflect the description above for the assignment. Use claim, evidence, or result. Your essay must convince the reader. Use persuasive argumentation.Format: In fairness to everyone, essays must be formatted in the exact same way. Refer to the formatting procedures for ?First page of MLA paper? in The Little, Brown Handbook. If you do not format properly, your essay will be handed back to you and considered late until it has been correctly formatted. Essays should be 4 pages minimum, double-spaced, 12 Roman font, paginated, and stapled.Works Cited page: You must create a correctly formatted Works Cited page in order to receive credit for this assignment.DO ALOT OF RESEARCH AND MAKE SURE EVERY BODY PARAGRAPH IS TALKING ABOUT AND FOCUSING ON SOMETHING ELSE THAT HAS TO DO WITH SUMMERHILL AND WHY IT IS SUCCESSFUL. DO NOT SOUND REPETITIVE!! VERY IMPORTANT!! ALSO MAKE SURE THE ESSAY HAS A VERY VERY CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT (INCLUDED IN THE INTRO) AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL.

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