Supply Chain Management ? Baldrige assignment:

Supply Chain Management ? Baldrige assignment:Description: Baldrige Case Study: Triview National Bank Instructions: ? Read the following sections in the TriView National Bank Case Study: Category 6: Operations Focus (pp. 29-34) ? Review the questions asked in Category 6.2 Work Processes, item b. (2) in the Baldrige 2011-2012 Criteria for Performance Excellence (p. 22): b. (2) Supply-Chain Management ? How do you manage your supply chain? ? How do you ensure that suppliers you select are qualified and positioned to enhance your performance and customer satisfaction? ? How do you evaluate supplier performance? ? How do you deal with poorly performing suppliers? ? Evaluate TriView?s responses to the above questions found in the Baldrige Case Study folder.Assignment Output: ? Identify one strength and one shortcoming relative to TriView?s strategic development process. ? Using the Scoring Guidelines ? Process Items worksheet, identify the scoring band that best categorizes the current state of the organization relative to Supply-Chain Management. Justify your selection considering the ADLI (Approach, Deployment, Learning, Integration) factors.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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