Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North Queensland

Marketing Case Study Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North Queensland Mr Smith is the owner of Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North He owns the property since four years ago and he is not happy with the occupancy in the motel which only year round while the other property can reach to occupancy Mr Smith believe his property have some strengths especially if we look at large cheap and room But he also aware of some weaknesses issue in the property such no television units in the less attractive very little promoting activities and no restaurant services in the In order to increase the occupancy rate there is still some positive external factor to consider of such as the needs to install the entertainment unit in the opportunity to construct the landscape to become more and a options to increasing the room This case study will try to provides an overview to Sweet Dream motel current status in the a summary of competition and distribution analysis in challenging market It will be a brief summary of internal strengths and weaknesses compare to external threats and opportunities for Sweet Dreams Situational Analysis Background This case study is driven by a need

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