Sylvia Gregorio As a trainee I?m happy for the output that I have Essay Help

As a trainee I?m happy for the output that I have made. After a long preparation and great efforts just to make sure that this documentation were done very well and when this portfolio were done all the fatigues that I had were relieved. I would like to thank first of all to god that gave me strength and their guide. Then to Sir Sherwin Sapin for giving us freedom and time to work this output to my family and friends that gave me all their support and to all employee of Experiment Station (IRRI). What haveSylvia Gregorio I learned from the experience? (Non-IT and IT) I have learned a lot in my training regarding in IT with the big participation of the Experiment Station Unit. My first job at the Experiment Station Unit is Unexpected. I?m really not expecting that the first day of my training was mentally painful. My supervisor asked me if I can make a program for their system. And what program language I am using. Then I said I can create a several program in Visual Basic 6.0. Then she decided to give me a job and at that day I?m not expecting that she assigned me to analyze the flow and flow process of a system. At first I am regretful and I ask myself what is this? Why I tell to her that I can create a several program even though I really create a simple program but this is not a simple work it is totally mental painful. Well I had no choice at that day I had no idea what I?m going to do with that kind of work. I am thinking and thinking and thinking. What appearance should the system have? How does the system can help the users and how did I going to start to create a system? It?s seemed that my job here is really an IT related. And in the next other days little by little I construct a form. I?m searching for the codes and designing it step by step. Until every passing day I I have always an additional useful codes forms layouts and objects that completed my database system. It?s sp pleasure to me when I always added a new useful tool for it but eventually like I said it not easy to create a database system. You need a focus on it and fortunately by my diligence and perseverance I presented the system that I?ve made even if it is a simple system. The importance is it is useful helpful and reliable to the users my supervisor was so proud at me specially me myself. Because I?m taking the name of my school that?s why I have the responsibility to promote it that?s why I?ve done my best to do what my supervisor assigned to me. When I always staring at the system that I?ve done I always remember the unforgettable moments that I?ve done in IRRI. At first it is mentally painful but eventually you also benefit on it. Aside from making a system they were expecting that I have a great advantage in computer technology. That?s why they always give me an activity in power point excel ms word ms access paint and I?m also installing a software sometimes. Because my profession is computer related I am always assigned at the computer field activities. When it comes from Non-IT job like paper works office works and many more I?m also doing this activities like file arranging file updating inventory odometer reading seeds repacking scanning printing laminating phone call answering and many more. Introduction This Report is a compilation of all documents and experiences of the associate in Information Technology students namely: John Lester Banasihan during his Training at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). This Report tells to the reader what they have done and what they have learned during his On-The-Job-Training. It tells the reader how memorable this training experience. It also tells the reader what he can recommend for the improvement of On-The-Job-Training Program and his advice to those who will take their OJT in the near future. This Report contains four chapters; first chapter is History Vision Mission Goals and Objectives and also The Background of the Company where they took his OJT. Second Chapter His Weekly Progress Report. Third Chapter is the assessment of OJT and the last Chapter is all the Pertinent Documents.”

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