Symbols in Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour rep

Symbols in Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour represents the feelings of Mrs. Mallard, the main character. The open window indicates Mrs. Mallard desire of a different life. The life she hoped for would never exist. Spring illustrates a new beginning for Mrs. Mallard. Her mind expands to reveal new discovers never witnessed before. Going up was her method of freedom. A place to refresh her mind and reject any concerns. It was a place to obtain power and authority over her life. Going down was an unpleasant area for her. She was a puppet with strings letting others control her. The locked door represents a safeguard against people entering her world of freedom. Fitting in among classmates remain the leading conflict for Emily Ames, the main character in Alica Adams Truth and Consequences. Emily always strived to gain awareness from others around her. Through playing truth and consequences finally gained the attention she yearned for. Taking advantage of the attention she gained, even if it appeared to be unhelpful, she used it to become recognized. As a result of playing a childish game earned her the attention she constantly sought after. Sylvia, the main character in A White Heron, realized the right decision came about not telling the hunter where the White Heron remained. Dissatisfy the hunter and putting aside the money was a hard choice to make. It would have been cruel for her to inform the hunter where the bird was located. Sylvia without doubt remained true to herself. Peacefulness grasped on to her as the bird was released. …

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