Synopsis on Animation Film Industry in India

RESEARCH PROJECT Anirban Maji Tanushree Chakraborty ANIMATION FILM INDUSTRY OF The animated films market is growing at a fast rate in where in the last few year many animated films were Year 2012 saw the box office release of several animated movies in the such as Chotta Bheem and the curse of aur and Delhi mainstream film industry too is increasingly using animation and special In the last 18 Bollywood has released several Hindi movies with special effects and such as Bol Rowdy Son of Sardaarand Ek Tha Animation in India is currently riding on two key factors a large base of highly skilled and low cost of While the industry is gaining prominence several important factors such as the role in supporting the animation and producing original content According to a total of 85 domestic animation movies have been announced over the last year and 28 are in different stages of Animation companies have also started focusing on building original IP which they can leverage in terms of merchandising and TV broadcast Animation movies in India are made on less than of the budget of a similar Hollywood because even a mainstream Bollywood film does not have gross collections

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