t Tracy K.Smith (The Universe is a House Party)

t Tracy K.Smith (The Universe is a House Party)Paper instructions:Prepare a power point presentation about Tracy K.Smith (The Universe is a House Party)The project will present individual A as a beggar who depends on well-wishers to finance her expenditures. Individual B will be among the well-wishers who help individual A through donations and charity work. The main goal of individual A in life is to get what is enough for subsistence while individual B?s goal is to get what is enough for him, his family and to support those in need. Therefore, individual B will donate some money to individual A, which will be shown by a donor transaction involving a written document from individual B to individual A. this transaction will imply that individual B will have achieve his goal of getting enough to sustain himself as well as to help others. Similarly, individual A will have achieved his goal of getting enough for subsistence. This project will illustrate Smith?s theme that the universe has a bright future for those who exist in it irrespective of their characteristics. A divine power helps to equalize various forces affecting individuals in the universe

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