Talk shows affect society in a negative way by ch

Talk shows affect society in a negative way by choosing dead end topics. Jerry Springer for example his producers pick topics such as ” I Cheated on You,” those kind of topics allows the American public to think that cheating is okay. Broadcasting topics like cheating, which aren’t positive create negative results. Alot of times people do what they see and television is the best place to see it. Another issue on talk shows is fighting. People get ideas in therehead that fighting is okay and a way to vent anger by again seeing and then doing it. Not only are these important issues, but many times talk shows tend to focus on women for example, “Make Overs” are directed mostly to women and that can make women feel self concious about themselves. If a topic is picked, it should be about both men and women. Many negative things have happened because T.V. allows the airing of these shows. If talk shows could pick out topics that can affect peoples lives in a positive way, then maybe people would’t see the world as a bad place….

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