Teaching and learning materials

Teaching and learning materialsOrder DescriptionThis Assessment is about creating learning materials about Weebly.com(tool that lets create free website), so I need you to create a tutorial for this explaining how to create a simple website in Weebly.com, an assessment for the materials that have been developed( online quiz with the results at the end, what I mean by this is that when they complete the quiz they could get the results strightaway) , to check weather student understood delivered materials or not and it is most likely to create teaching and learning materials in powerpoint, and then 2750 words long theoretical discussion and justification for these teaching & learning materials. I will upload the assessment brief and rubric in my accountDepartment of Languages, Information and CommunicationsUnit title E-Learning and the OrganisationAssignment title Assessment 1Unit specification learning outcome(s) assessed by this assignment:1.Apply the major principles of pedagogy to the design of teaching and learning using an appropriate technology.2. Critically evaluate on-line learning materials and resourcesAssessment criteriaDesign teaching and learning materials to be delivered using an appropriate technology.Rubric Appendix 1Review your assignment against the appended marking rubric before submission.Type of submission IndividualFormat of main submission Uploaded printed copy with product on USB pen, etc.Submission deadline Refer to published deadline date and timeWord count (as appropriate) 3,000 The word count excludes the title page, contents page and the reference list. Do not use footnotes.Other instructions / guidance on sizePenalty for overlong submissions Excess material will be ignored, e.g. beyond the specified word count, number of web pages, images, timed presentation, etc. Tutors will mark only the part of the assignment from the beginning to the specified length.Feedback plan Feedback will be given electronically.Support arrangements There will be assignment workshops to support this assessment.Marks Marks shall be subject to internal and external moderation and verification before final confirmation by the relevant unit assessment board.Assessment : To Design teaching and learning materials, and to deliver them using an appropriate technologyThe following must be included in your hand-in.1. The learning materials for your chosen topic = 25 marks2. An assessment for the materials developed. = 15 marks3. The theoretical discussion and justification = 60 marksThis should include:-Description of your target learnerThe learning objectives for the materials producedAn evaluation of your work which should include:A discussion and justification of the pedagogical principles you have applied to the materialsA judgement of the effectiveness of your materials.Justification of the chosen technology you have used for the delivery of the materials.Critically appraise the suitability of these materials for their chosen educational setting.

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