Technical and Vocational Education for Male

SDPI Research and News Bulletin April June 2010 Technical Vocational Education Training for Females in Pakistan Muhammad Azhar Females in Pakistan tend to be less visible with respect to their enrolment in labour force participation and contribution to economic Pakistan is a economy with a high demand for skilled It is noteworthy that current female participation in the labour force is merely percent and stands at the lowest among neighbouring countries in the region Development The World This demand for skilled labour can only be met through increased participation of females in the labour force and the need still remains to equip them with relevant Ownership of institutes within the public sector do not fall under one purview but rather come under the Technical Education Vocational Training Authorities Directorate of Manpower Directorate of Technical Pakistan Fauji Social Welfare Special Education Women Development Industries and Commerce Department and training centres established under the armed It is found that there are 442 public sector female out of which 397 are vocational and 27 technical In these institutes 129 different types of trades are being offered and teachers are associated with these females are enrolled in the morning shift while enrolment in the

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