Technical-rational and human dimensions of change

Technical-rational and human dimensions of changeThe case study is based on an unsuccessful organizational change that occurs in a secondary school.Case study include 3 parts.First part is Description. Here an organizational change is described in detail (approximately 800 words). No reference is needed in this part.Second part is Analysis. Here why the change occurred the way it did, in light of literature is explained (approximately 900 words).Third part include key considerations and effective strategies that apply to those trying to lead, manage or facilitate changes like the one described, drawing on the literature (approximately 300 words).The change I want to focus is about a secondary schools (School X) timing being changed from two sessions to single session timing, in order to provide holistic education. This change is brought by the Education Ministry run under the government. This government was a recently elected government, so they brought the change so as to prove the improvements they were bringing to the country. Before bringing the change, principals of all government schools were met and explained why the change is being brought (ie to provide holistic education, to improve teacher collaboration, etc). But at the end of the meeting almost all the principals point out the change is not feasible. There reasons are lack of space (to build classrooms), lack of funds and resources. But these were ignored by the ministry and they were told to implement the change. So the change was mandated as a policy to be followed. Some schools were able to change to single-session schools, but most schools still have not been able to due to the reasons noted by the principals. So I want reasons given why the change was unsuccessful from a technical-rational perspective (too hierarchical and top-down) as well as from a humanistic dimension (lack of shared learning, culture, teacher empowerment).!

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