Technology and Management

I will upload paragraphs from different students and I want from the writer to reply for each student as a comment for these paragraphs. The comments that I need no longer than one paragraph.Praneeth AitharajuAccording to my opinion the two authors have expressed their view on technology and its effect and consequences based on the way it is managed. Steele has provided an insight on how technology is much more than what an average person would believe it to be. To give more input on this, in society, a majority of people may believe that technology is just a part of an enterprise but with this article one can conclude that it is not just a building block of an enterprise but indeed the whole system revolves around the technology that is being used .In a more definitive sense, Steele concentrates on the definition of technology itself thereby, stating that it works as a system, while Skinner on the other hand treats technology as a concept whose success or failure depends on how the managers work on it. I perceive Steel?s concept as a more precise insight about Technology, his understanding about the topic has great depth and different directions when compared to Skinner?s concept which was more subtle and basic.Blayne HammelThe most important aspect that I took away from this reading was the importance of technology for businesses and how much it relates to the survival of businesses today. Many times in the construction industry supervisors are reluctant to use basic technology. We currently have managers that have transitioned from supervisors that are now learning the basic items such as how to use different types of software for the computer. These managers possess excellent hands on skills however lack the technological background, which leaves them being less productive. Technology needs to be kept at the forefront for all businesses so that they are able to slowly make changes, as opposed to being forced to make changes which leaves them scrambling to try and train their employees. We are still struggling to make the most basic changes, which include purchasing the latest technology for our computer system, as well as upgrading outdated equipment in order to be more efficient and productive. I have been able to see first hand the importance of remaining current with the latest technology and the effects that it can have on a business.Aaron HoffnerAfter reviewing both readings multiple times I enjoyed Skinner?s reading the most. Does anyone else see the 5 reasons why technology is disliked; such as mangers feeling foolish or having hear or appearing foolish while Discuss (check for the help you need)ing technology and making technological decisions? I feel that that this happens regularly in businesses, not only dealing with technology but in my case safety training. Employees are cautious to ask questions in large group because they may feel it is a ?stupid? question even though we always say there are no ?stupid? questions. From my experience training groups of smaller size hold more Discuss (check for the help you need)ions and more questions are asked during the training.I also enjoyed Skinner?s concepts he explained during the reading and that where designed to help managers manage technology. The most common in my opinion was the second concept stated: a manager?s understanding of technology which give 3 common questions asked by managers who are making decisions but might not have the technical background needed. The three questions are as follows: what does it cost, what will it do and what does it require? I feel that this is the easiest way for a manager to get to a conclusion regarding a technological decision.AbdulmajeedI really enjoyed reading both articles, however, the Steele article was very hard for me to grasp a good understanding of it. The Skinner article was easy to grasp and take some knowledge from. I like how both articles help one understand more about technology and management. Before reading the Skinner article I never knew that some managers have aversion when it comes to technology. If I was to be a manager in a company I think I would be more ready to tackle my job because of all the information I gained from these articles and books. Do you think that these articles can help one become a better manager? Do you think it is important to learn more about technology to be successful on the job?Matthew RoyalI wanted to Discuss (check for the help you need) how Steele?s point of technical groups working in isolation and the failures from management to address it. Although great technical expertise can make a great product, often it is left unchecked or unregulated to a point that some that more technical a product becomes the value can start to diminish. Often we are sold all the ?bells and whistles? on a product and don?t even need or use them. We also may have a problem getting a product that requires more management or time to have fully function. For example an automatic door being purchased instead of one that opens manually, it may offer some convenience for the owner but the maintenance costs are higher when it breaks down. Although this is a very basic example, an outside influence to the technical group Discuss (check for the help you need)ed the customers economic barriers of maintenance, they would manage the product more appropriately..Category: Academic paper, Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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