Technology Innovation for Eco-Friendly Hdds

Introduction In global business and trade power and global warming are becoming greater concerns for the worldwide With the explosive growth of the digital computing and global IT the rise of data centers has led to an increasing awareness of their impact on power the millions of consumer electronics in use PCs and only add to the drain on power As a what was once largely the domain of home appliances developing efficient washers and and refrigerators has now become a much larger concern for the IT In recent the United power grid has been taxed by power emergencies on the East Coast in 2003 and in California in the early With concerns about decreasing oil energy price spikes and global the IT industry has begun to place greater emphasis on reducing power consumption in data centers and in the hardware used by business This is why Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has introduced the P7K500 desktop hard which offers the lowest power consumption among hard drives in its The P7K500 improves its operational power consumption by 40 percent over the previous positively impacting total PC system power Power Efficiency Helps Manufacturers Deliver ENERGY Compliant Systems To the primary focus in

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