Term Limits Franklin Roosevelt was not wrong

Term Limits Franklin Roosevelt was not wrong to violate the no third term tradition. The “no third term” tradition was set as a standard when Washington was in office. After Washington refused to run a third time, there were many other presidents who followed his lead. There should be no other president to lead the country at a time of strife, than the president that was in the office at that time. There was no written law that stated that a president could not run for a third term. The “no third term” policy was just a precedent waiting to be broken. Informal amendments aren’t written in stone, therefore, people have the right to ignore them. The decision of President Washington to refuse a third term as President of the United States started a precedent that persisted stubbornly until 1940 (Permet 1). Washington felt that even one term was a lot, however, he was pressured by everyone to finish his second term. He could have run again, but he was getting old, and his health and spirit were diminished. Washington was no longer able to tolerate the quarrelsomeness of the factions within the government (Tugwell 45). Jefferson thought the third term was evil. He and many other men during his era had seen too much of the absolute monarchy in Europe, and they feared that under the US Constitution, a Chief Executive could be elected from four years to four years until it became a life term (Permet 4). Jefferson was asked, and many of his closest advisers nominated him for a third term. He declined the offer. Most people believed that he declined because he was losing support in the government and public due to failure in foreign policy. Now that a second president turned down the third term nomination, it was an unwritten law, and no one would even think of breaking the tradition. The next president who turned down the third term nomination was Jackson. Grant and Teddy Roosevelt followed him. They all ha…

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