The 4 P?sPaper instructions:Im

The 4 P?sPaper instructions:Imagine you are creating a lawn maintenance venture in Raleigh, North Carolina. Create and support a plan for one of the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). Thoroughly explain your reasons for your decisions. Keep in mind that you want to maximize profit and grow as quickly as possible, reaching $3 million in revenues by the end of the third year.The ?P? to focus on for this assignment is the Product itself. See below for clarification on Product.Product:Satisfying the customer?s needs or wants and in turn making a profit is your aim in providing a product/service. It is essential therefore that you get your product/service right.There are various ways in which you can make your product stand out and be appealing. Use your senses in evaluating the product: ask yourself how does it feel and look.Key questions:1.Attractiveness ? is the packaging and the product itself visually appealing?2.Expectations ? does the product meet customer?s expectations? For instance, they may have expectations in terms of product quality.3.Benefits ? does the product have benefits a customer wants or needs? Benefits describe what it is that a customer gets out of a product, and differ from features.4.Functionality ? how well does it do the job it?s supposed to?5.Competition ? how does it fair compared to other similar products?6.Reliability ? is it reliable?

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