The aim of this assessment is

The aim of this assessment is to:a) Produce a website that shows competence in basic html, styles and documentationASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTSThis assignment requires you to complete the following tasks.TASKSProduce, using Notepad++ or similar editor, a small website (5 pages) to present appropriate advice and guidance on the following subject.How to Design a Website for Usability and Accessibility.You will need to do some research to find appropriate articles. Credit will be given for using academic sources from the library site or Google Scholar.The website should have the following features:1. A Home page (index.html) with? An introduction to the subject, including one or more appropriate images? Links to other pages, with well-chosen, descriptive titles? A footer with your contact details2. Three other pages should include articles of interest on a particular aspect of the subject. Include a short introductory paragraph or ?abstract? for eacharticle, together with a link through to the full version on the site you found it. Avoid using terms like ?click here? or ?read more? (find out why this isn?t goodpractice!)3. Include a table to present some aspect of your information, and a form for user feedback.4. Your fifth page should be called ?How I built this website? and should provide a description ofa) the techniques you usedb) your design considerations (using your research on usability design, of course!)c) the most useful thing you have learnt in the module (can be either technical or design-based)5. Use only CSS for presentation and layout. (no html formatting tags). Use an external style sheet for consistency, but you may use a minimum of internal orinline styles in specific areas where a ?one-off? style works.6. Spellcheck your text, and pay attention to your sentence structure. Take a professional approach to your work.!

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