The Battle of the Somme: Futile or Necessary

Was the Battle of the Somme in 1916 a futile endeavour or a necessity for the allies to win the Great In the battle that took place by the Somme was one of the bloodiest battles ever recorded in European For many years historians have had countless debates concerning the battles contribution towards the Great War and whether or not it ever really held any worth for the In order to assess if the Battle of the Somme was futile or necessary several significant factors need to be critically including the tactics used at the how effective the leadership the consequences of the and if it was truly a victory or a One of the first and most important arguments is whether or not the Somme was actually a victory or a The three goals the General leader of the British troops at the needed to achieve to relieve the pressure at Verdun by diverting the German to reduce the number of German soldiers and to come to the aid of After the Somme was over on 13th a conclusion was made that all three of the objectives had been suggesting that the Somme was in fact a although the

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