The beggar dashed away from the cart with is

The beggar dashed away from the cart with is heart pumping and feet feeling as though two shoes of lead had been branded around them. His breath was short and his head filled with contempt for his own being. He ran non-stop to his friends waiting two blocks away in an abandoned ally. He ran not for himself but for his friends, as they had done time after time for him. The bread that he had stole was not a meal for one, but a meal for three. The only meal that most would see for two days, and that was in a good week. If too much bread was stolen the owner of the cart might become suspicious, and then a new source of food would need to be established. I hope you got the bread I am starved. One pauper whispered form the corner. Yea, of course I got it, you think Im gonna let you starve, Jesus. You all remember the pact right. One dont eat, we all dont eat. Come on stop talking and split that bread The third pauper wined as he talked. After splitting the bread the three settled down in the corner to go to sleep. As they drifted to sleep they thought about their close friendship with each other and how any could manage without the others. As each said goodnight in a repeated triangle of voices the rain that had, unbenounced to them, been expected that night began its steady and depressing splattering of tiny wet drops. Without thought the three combined their torn and worn overcoats to create a makeshift cover and keep the majority of the tiny drops from soaking their tired bodies. The next morning, after the rain clouds had retreated to the north, the first of the beggars aroused from his tossing slumber. Next to him the gutter rattled with the water of the storm the night before. He glanced toward the noise and in an instant, and without thinking plucked a piece of drifting paper off the flowing water. His thought was to use the piece of paper later after it had dr…

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