The Big MythPaper instructions

The Big MythPaper instructions:InstructionsWritten Assignment 3-The Big MythFor this Assignment, you are to view/read two(2) different myths from 2 different parts of the globe. The link is provided below.In your own words, write an essay summarizing each myth, and a final separate paragraph making comparisons between the myths.Your essay should include answers to the following questions as applicable. (These are guidelines to get you thinking.)What god(s), if any, contributed to the creation of humans?What materials were used to create humans, the earth, etc.?Were men and women created separately? Did they have separate tasks?Were there any problems in the creation of humans?Do any of the gods resemble humans? Did the god(s) possess special powers?What did the creator(s) expect from humans? Why were people created?Does the myth contain any rules for how humans are supposed to behave?Is there anything in the myth that is symbolic to that culture/civilization?s development?Do the god(s) creator(s) in the different myths share common characteristics?Your essay must be a minumum of 500 words, double-spaced. Your essay will be evaluated for content, coherence, and integration of ideas. Good grammar is expected. No slang is allowed.Be sure to INCLUDE YOUR NAME on YOUR ESSAY.Your ASSIGNMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED as a MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT.For grading criteria please refer to the Writing Rubric.Writing RubricTo read the Myths, Please Link to the Website below and follow the directions.The Big MythAllow the site to load. You should see a global map.To access the individual myths:Click on the RED dot for the myth(these are the only active links).Allow the myth to load, there is sound as well as text and images for each myth.Click on ?next? to advance.After viewing an individual myth simply click ?myths? to return to the initial myth selections.!

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