The career for which I am best suited

The career for which I am best suitedSuggested Topics for Essays 1. The career for which I am best suited 2. This college?s worst problem (propose a solution) 3. A special or unusual person 4. A valuable discipline or practice (lifting weights, rock climbing, meditating, or other) 5. Why many Americans don?t read the newspaper (vote, value education, give their all at work, or read poetry) CHAPTER 14 The Process of Writing an Essay 197 6. The best (or worst) teacher I ever had 7. Music videos (choose one performer or group, one type of music, or one TV show) 8. A lesson in diversity, race, or difference 9. The joys of homework (or housework or some other supposedly unpleasant task) 10. How to resolve a disagreement peacefully 11. An important film (book, magazine, or program) 12. The best gift I ever gave (or received) 13. Three ways that cigarette ads hook kids 14. Should courts require a one-year cooling-off period before a divorce?An Outline For Writing Successful Essays Use this outline to aid your essay writing. It should help with organizing ideas, understanding connections between thoughts, and condensing information into a main idea/sub-point format. This outline works with any type of essay.TitleThesis Statement (Central idea in one sentence only)I. IntroductionA. Attention getter B. Thesis statement introducedII. BodyA. Main idea (topic sentence)1. Subpointa. b.2. Subpointa. b.B. Main idea (topic sentence)1. Subpointa. b.2. Subpointa. b.C. Main idea (topic sentence)1. Subpointa. b.2. Subpointa. b.III. ConclusionA. Summary B. Concluding statement It?s Critical: The Comma The text covers the uses for the comma in detail, with several supporting review exercises. Here are a couple of additional uses to remember:Use a comma to set off words or phrases that emphasize. Example: The banana, almost black, was perfect for making Mama?s banana bread. Another example: Barb?s laugh, high and off-pitch, was annoying.Use a comma when a reader might misinterpret the meaning without it. Example: Soon after, David spoke to me about going to the dance. Without the comma, most readers would view the entire sentence as a dependent clause and would expect the rest of the sentence to follow. Instead, it shows action that obviously followed some previous action detailed in earlier content. See how different this sentence reads: Soon after David spoke to me about going to the dance, Jim asked if I would like to go with him. Don?t insert commas unnecessarily. Often, in fear that they?re leaving out a comma, beginning writers go comma crazy. If you can?t find a rule for it, you probably don?t need it. For example: [INCORRECT] Shane demanded, to know where the money was hidden. Note: This sentence separates the verb (demanded) from its object (money). Another example: [INCORRECT] Sara walked down the aisle, and tripped. Note: This sentence has two action verbs (walked, tripped). The actions do not need to be separated. However, if ? and only if ? you intend to emphasize that Sara tripped, then you may insert the comma to slow down the reader for the surprise of the second verb. Use this sparingly.Format Requirements (Print this page)Use the following format requirements on all submissions.Writing Style APA (American Psychological Association)Note: To find detailed information on APA manuscript style guidelines on the Internet, go to 1 all sidesParagraphs Single-spaceDouble-space between paragraphsIndent first line of each paragraphHeadings BoldType Style and Size Times New Roman, 12 pointSoftware MS WordStudent/Assignment InformationThe following information should be on the first page on the top left side of the page in the format provided below. Do not provide a cover sheet (unless the assignment requires one).:

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