The Communication Process and Policy Analysis Paper

Please use Montgomery County Public Schools and gear this towards education. Assignment Instruction: For this assignment, I would like you to look at two areas regarding communication and policy development: (a) internal, and (b) external. These two ways of communicating policy to your employees and to the public are very important. The role of communicating policy is extremely important as you have learned through this course; whether from a proactive or reactive position. Failure to transmit policy or any instructions can have a negative impact in regards to an organization. If you fail to educate or inform your people of a new or revised policy, many stakeholders and the organization could be faced with unlimited consequences (i.e., ethical situations, diversity, accountability, transparency).With the above in mind, you will write a paper how you feel the human resources department should handle communicating policy to the internal entity of your organization. No matter the stage of policy development, everyone responsible for the policy must be informed. This section of your paper should cover the procedures and responsibilities of human resources department and any other sub-departments that you feel are necessary (e.g., training, professional development).The second area is how you feel a public relations office should communicate to the public. When communicating to the public, you want to always keep the public aware of how you conduct business and keep a favorable image. This is usually a proactive position. However, when faced with a crisis and when policy was not followed, you must communicate to the public and to the media. You never want them to be against you. When you watch the news today, it is broadcasted on a daily basis 24/7, especially with all the cable news coverage and social media. This section should cover procedures and lines of communication to the media and the public that you feel are necessary (e.g., television, radio, newsprint, interviews).You are to prepare a doctoral level paper, at least 5 ?full? pages of content, plus a title page, and a references page. Since this assignment is written from your perspective, you will write in first person; there are at least 4 scholarly references required to support your responses. In addition, you must have two personal communications from interviews of key leaders to support your responses.Please refer to the scoring guide for format issues of title page, page numbers, headings, and in-text citations and references. Please refer to page 179 APA manual for proper use of personal communications.

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