The Constitutional Divide ? Federation versus Kurdistan

The Constitutional Divide ? Federation versus KurdistanProject descriptionThis chapter will investigate Iraq?s constitution and domestic laws in order to see how oil and gas development has been made a regional prerogative . Materials will be sourced from various federal and regional Iraqi agencies responsible for overseeing oil and gas development. Major emphasis will be placed on Federal Oil and Gas Law (FOGL) along with legal aspects of documents produced by The Federal Ministry of Oil (MoO), The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and other allied governance agencies. In addition to documented materials, the legal institutions in Iraq particularly those in KRG will be examined to discover their role in sustainable development in the oil and gas sector. Moreover, the role of the New Delhi principles will be explored in depth in fashioning Iraq?s domestic laws for sustainable development in the oil and gas sector. The issues that drive Kurdistan and the Iraqi federation apart will be explored along with factors that could serve as bridges in stabilising the volatile relationship. The application of New Delhi Principles to create a legally sustainable relationship will also be looked into detail. This study will differ from other studies in that it will examine the viability of sustainable development given Kurdistan?s divide from the Iraqi federation. The future implications of such contestations will be explored at length including their effects on the oil and gas industry, on Iraq?s international commitments and on economic advantages amongst other issues.!

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