THE CONTRIBUTION OF PSYCHOLOGY TO EDUCATION Edward Thorndike Teachers Columbia University First published in The Journal of Educational Psychology is the science of the characters and behavior of animals including Human education is concerned with certain changes in the characters and behavior of its problems being roughly included under these four means and Psychology contributes to a better understanding of the aims of education by defining making them by limiting showing us what can be done and what can and by suggesting new features that should be made parts of Psychology makes ideas of educational aims When one says that the aim of education is or or or or or or or the perfection of all or statements and probably need Different even amongst the of do not agree concerning just what culture or just what is Psychology helps here by requiring us to put our notions of the aims of education into terms of the exact changes that education is to and by describing for us the changes which do actually occur in human Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is For certain writers about education state or imply that the knowledge and skill and habits

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