The Day Which Was Spent Around Penang Island.

I have chosen to tour around Penang Island which is the place where I was born during my last semester Penang Island might be small but it is definitely one of the hottest tourist site for tourist around the I have grew up in the Georgetown even as a true I have to admit that there is so much more to learn about this Other than travelling around the I took part in some interesting nature activity like jungle trekking and visiting parks and farms Penang is also very famous for its delicious As to complete this I took the opportunity to taste a few of these Penang delights in between the I was born in Penang like almost all the other I have never travel around the island I am well aware that this island has been internationally recognized for its beautiful landscape and historical Georgetown has been voted by Asiaweek magazine as one of the best cities in This city has also been ranked as the 9th most livable city in Georgetown was also declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique architectural and cultural All this recognition made Penang island one of the hottest and

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