The dispute between Time Warner and Disne

The dispute between Time Warner and Disney and the decision to pull ABC programs off the air on Monday and part of Tuesday has many viewers at Queens College thinking about how much media companies value money before their audiences. “It all comes down to the money,” said Roger Petho, 21, a junior at the college. “Disney and Time Warner do not care about the people, only the money. It is both their fault for getting to greedy.” The dispute between the two largest media giants has to do with how much Time Warner should pay Disney for carrying it’s cable channels. Disney is also strongly opposed to the possible merger between Time Warner and America Online. “Time Warner is too controlling and wants it all,” said Stefanie Maracche, 20, a sophomore. “They are too powerful and will be the next monopoly. I’m not saying Disney is a small company or anything like that, but Time Warner is bigger and more greedy and out for all the money.” “Disney has a right to ask for more money,” said Maria Fazylova, 18, a freshman. “It is their content Time Warner is using. They can charge more if they want and it is not like Time Warner can’t afford it. They are just too stingy.” Millions of viewers were disappointed when their favorite shows were not aired Monday and Tuesday. “I missed my favorite show,” said Leonard Pace, 23, a senior at the college. “It’s really starting to bug me about these media mergers and disputes and how selfish these companies are. They do not care about the viewers at all.” …

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