The Effectiveness of an Open Office Layout

The Effectiveness of an Open Office Layout A poor arrangement of office space wastes time and energy by failing to provide the means for effective work When conditions are such that there is no place to put needed documents or the telephone is on the wrong desk or on the wrong side of the lighting is personnel are seated beneath a ceiling vent or facing a window or the flow of work is when personnel who do detailed or repetitious work are located so that they are constantly interrupted by traffic then the result will obviously be less An office could be defined as a work area for handling information or a production area with data processing Office planning could then be defined as determining the arrangement of all physical components into a coordinated unit that can most effectively handle the volume of work and the type of information necessary to carry out a Office layout has advanced throughout the led by any semblance of which has all in all done away with the accepted shut off cubicle style in favour of innovative The layout is usually intended to make a more intelligent and social environment where qualified data and

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