The Einstein Tower: an Expressionist Landmark

The Einstein An Expressionist Landmark Introduction Erich Mendelsohn began his creative architectural sketches while standing guard in World War along with many other famous architects such as Mies van der and Le What was it about standing guard between life and death that enticed a certain creative architectural Maybe it simply provided an ability to envision a world unlike the one being occupied or maybe it reminded these young men of the preciousness of life and gave them the yearning to create beautiful There seems to be an experienced awareness in an understanding and balance between function and as he calls that could be a large part of the curiosity and draw his work has received over the The Einstein Tower specifically is known as an expressionist landmark with its concave and convex curvilinear while simultaneously being functional for a very specific making measurements to validate Albert theory of This building since its completion in 1921 has continuously drawn attention and brings up questions of what contemporary architecture should It provides an interesting example of a purely expressionist juxtaposed with a very specific but powerfully modeled built to symbolize the greatness of the Einsteinian was also a quite functional Mendelsohn

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