The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax is one of my favorit

The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax is one of my favorite books of all times! An old, brittle woman in the CIA has to sneak eight forged passports into Bulgaria, and get out as fast as possible without being suspicious. But even before this fairly easy assignment starts, trouble begins to arise.Before she had ever touched the airplane, she met a group of young people leaving to Bulgaria too. She began to talk to a young man by the name of Philip Trenda, who was noticeably upset that a man by the name of Nikki had forced him into going. After their chat, Mrs.Pollifax and the group loaded the plane. On the way to Sofia, Bulgaria, the airplane made a special stop for General Ignatov to get on the plane.When they landed, the Bulgarian Secret police took him away from his group. One of the girls in the group had seen Mrs. Pollifax talk to Phil. Her name was Debby. When she arrived to the city, Mrs. Pollifax was supposed to go to a jacket shop, ask for an imaginary sheepskin jacket. What Mrs. Pollifax thought that now she would do is give the hat to Tsanko and go back to the US. But the CIA had a man to pay off named Radev. The counterfeit money was sewn in the jacket and then they would just switch the jackets and be done with Radev. Mrs. Pollifax didn’t know about Radev, so when he came to steal it at night 3 times, she or Debby, who had joined her, had beaten him up so badly that he couldn’t steal the jacket. after she had delivered the hat to the underground she changed her plans and went north of Sofia. While driving, she had noticed that someone had cut her breaks. The car was heading toward a cliff, so Mrs. Pollifax had just crashed the car into a tree right on the edge. Afterward, Debby had heard on the news that Phil was being released from prison and was returning to the US. It sounded like good news but as it turned out, it was a plan by new Chief of the Secret Police, General Ignatov. The General was ransoming Phi…

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