The Factors That Can Affect An Individual

factors that can affect an views on death and dying and include social religious and spirit I believe religion plays a big Many suicide bombers believe that if they fight the religious war and become a hero through death they will get many virgins as a reward in the Therefore they mind killing Most people view the idea of death through the glasses of their trained religion Death is a personal event that man cannot describe for As far back as we can man has been both intrigued by death and fearful of he has been motivated to seek answers to the mystery and to seek solutions to his Every known culture has provided some answer to the meaning of for like birth or is universally regarded as a socially significant set off by ritual and supported by It is the final rite de The social and psychological aspects of death have been studied by and and the main outlines of their understandings can be summarized on three and The meanings which have been attached to death in most cultures include beliefs in some kind of existence after most the no entertained theories of personal and and political ideology have

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