The Forum for the Furture of Higher Education

The Forum for the Future of Higher Education Curtis Clark Higher Education Organization Governance Kaplan University Introduction The for the Future of Higher presented four major issues that higher education currently face to its conference The issues increasing budget expansion of distance learning and institutional These issues challenge and confound institutions of higher especially with the looming budget cuts that they This paper will examine the effectiveness distance and Organization and Governance Governance is a process that permits people to work together When the governance structure serves its purpose it will encourage those involved to make a If an institution aspires to be productive the principles of organization and governance should be This will enable the respective institution of higher education to operate Some principles to incorporate in this model and decision Leadership should be treated as something and efficacious The study of leadership is more difficult in colleges and universities than in other settings because of dual control conflicts between professional and administrative unclear and the other unique properties of normative organizations In the relationship between those identified as leaders and those whom they presume to lead is problematic Colleges and universities need leaders and managers who can turn

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