the godless constitution : A moral Defense of the Secular State

the godless constitution : A moral Defense of the Secular State1. Your paper should begin with a paragraph of information about the author of the boom in which you present the author?s credentials or expertise . For example : what academic degrees has the author earned? Where did the author earn these degrees? What other books or articles has the author published ? What honors or award had the author received?2. Next is the section of the paper in which you provide the main thesis statement or assertions that the author present in the book . What appears to be the most important information in the book ? What does the author seem to most want the reader to learn from the book ?3. Next is the critical analysis section of the paper in which you freely and candidly express your opinions about the book . For example : is the book written in a way that engages the reader ? Is the author persuasive ? Does the author seem to be authoritative ? Does the information presented in the book agree with or conflict with what you?ve learned about the subject from other sources? Would you recommend this book to other students ?!

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