The Impact of Diversity on Human Resources

The Impact of Diversity on Human Resources Entering the new businesses throughout America faced a new Analysts believed that this new challenge would have a powerful impact on our future as a productive few American businesses seemed adequately prepared to deal with the new increasing cultural diversity of the American workforce the challenges and potential opportunities posed by employee diversity in the American workplace are a growing Since the number of women in the labor force has In they constituted of the In people of color made up and by 1988 that percentage had risen to During the next women and people of color are expected to fill of the twenty plus million jobs created in the United By the year white men will account for less than of the total American labor In diversity in ethnic physical religious sexual orientation and work and educational background are also increasing in the workplace as American society continues to become more culturally segmented Rosner In Workforce Loden and Rosner describes the reaction of a new hire for upper management has been out of the workforce for a few at a consumer products company when he enters a boardroom for a planned The

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