The Impact Of Technology On Live Performances

2 December 2013 InArt 005 In the last few technology has become extremely Although technology has many obvious this advancement in technology also comes with many negative technology is definitely having a negative impact on the live performing Technology has taken its toll on the traditional stage performance There are many different reasons as to why technology has had a very negative impact on the live performing Movies and Shows have replaced these live Some of the reasons behind why technology has had a negative impact on live performances is because movies have brought the sales revenue down for live made the shows seem less exciting than the and can be showed at different places at the same time while the live performances Technology has a negative impact on live performances because it has brought down the sales revenue or live performances by millions of Movies and television shows are much cheaper to A movie can actually be watched online for Netflix has thousands of movies and television shows for only a month A DVD can be bought for at the most and watched over and over On the other live performance shows are usually around the price of a

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