The Internet is a wonderful place of entertainm

The Internet is a wonderful place of entertainment and education, but like all places where people conspire, there are some corners that people would prefer children not to explore. World society as a whole attempts to protect children, yet there are no required technological constraints to Internet surfing. In a civilization where people have become demented and twisted, aiming to please themselves with naked pictures of women and children, it may be necessary to censor this material for the moral advancement of our society as a whole. The Internet was originally a place for people to freely express their ideas worldwide, and it has become one of America’s most useful tools. Scientists use email for quick and convenient communication. They can post their current scientific discoveries on the web and others in the same field can know in minutes. But at the same time, adults who spend the majority of their pathetic lives in their mom’s basements, can post pictures of naked women for all to see. Since the Internet is open to virtually anyone, it is incredibly easy for children to be exposed to this material. Whether or not this material is damaging to children, or anyone for that matter, can not be determined. The Internet itself is completely amoral, but its what the people do with it that make it “good” or “bad.” As a whole, the Internet is incredibly useful and informative. Anything that you could ever wish to know, can be found somewhere on the net. This surplus of information is useful for students, teachers, doctors, lawyers or basically anyone in any field who wishes to become more informed. Though it is sometimes quite difficult to find the information you are looking for, primarily because of all the porn that you have to stumble through, it is a consequence that comes with the use of this extraordinary tool. The information is out there, and when the right amount of time is invested…

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