The issue to be discussed is complex and full of

The issue to be discussed is complex and full of various intertwining ideologies and components. All forms of prejudice share similar traits to begin with yet, sexism and racism can be dealt with individually, as well as jointly, for instance being a black woman, you are discriminated against on both levels1, so how can we eliminate one prejudice?, which one affects us the most? We cannot change either easily, so how is it possible to eradicate one or both for that matter? In answer to the given question we shall take the stand point that sexism is the easier of the two, the one that has shown far greater promise of elimination throughout the years based on both psychological, feminist and sociological evidence we shall now begin to build up our picture. Racism is a system of domination and subordination based on false biological notions that human beings can be fixed into racially distinct groups. It is identified as a “natural” process, and is seen to be a logical consequence of the differentiation of human beings into “races”2. Given that there is no sound evidence from the natural and biological sciences to justify the assumption that the human species can be divided up into separate ‘races’, both ‘race’, and racism come to be ecconomic, political, ideological and social expressions3. In other words, ‘race’ is not a social category which is empirically defined, rather political and ideological institutions. Women’s exploitation and oppression are created and reproduced through the domains of production, reproduction, care-giving and sexuality. (Mitchell 1971)4 . Thus, the radicalised structuring of capitalism and patriarchy, along with analyses of imperialism and colonialism, are central to discussions of women’s exploitation’s and oppression. . Just as ‘woman’ and ‘feminism’ are not concepts which have unchanging meanings, so the term ‘race’ has specific origins and a specific course depending on its geographical and historic…

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