The Key Themes in Business & Professional Ethics

The Key Themes in Business & Professional EthicsPaper instructions: The Key Themes in Business & Professional EthicsResources to be used ? Module 3 in e-campus, Units 6, 7, & 8; the textbook; and a newspaper or journal article selected by the student.For Module 3 complete the following five assignments worth 50 points each:1. Take a link in the supply chain and find a journal article or newspaper article dealing with one of its ethical issues. Give the source of the article, review it, and discuss it in terms of that topic in this module closest to what it concerns.2. From either your own business experience or research, provide an example of a non-trivial ethical dilemma involving an accounting, finance, or marketing issue and analyze it using the seven step process provided in Section 3-2-4.3. From either your own research, take an example of any issue that interests you in economic theory, and use that research to give it a light overview. Be sure to identify your source. Then explain how that issue has, is, or will affect your business or career choice.4. Your textbook has many articles revealing how unethical activities create inefficiency. Pick one having at least five pages and tell what was done; identify those who are/were harmed by what was done; and how they are/were harmed. Also state whether the problem was caused by an error in judgment or an error in character and how you were able to know which.5. Find and present a newspaper or journal article which in some way touches upon one of the themes or topics which appears in this module. Give your own views on the topic.:

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