The Knight and the nun are two completely differen

The Knight and the nun are two completely different people the knight is some one who wants people to think well of them so he dose things to make people thinks will of him where as the nun wants people to think well of her so she became a nun but in reality she is not living up to her vows. The next main the knight just got back from the holey lands fighting in the crusades and the first thing that he thinks of is to go to the tomb of tomes Becket and pay his respects to a warrior in his own right. Where as the nun is sitting there and she is going there because she thinks that it will make he look good in the eyes of the people. The knight is even showing leader ship in to his faith and to his position for god and country. The nun is just saying hay look at me I am fat and I should be looked up to because I am a lady of the church but I dont really want to be. The knight is what he says he is and nothing more witch is why I have respect for him the nun is nothing more than a pimped out slut that thinks she is all that and more. …

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